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Founded in 1988, Novation Resources is a premier domestic helper agency in Malaysia with a record of servicing more than thousands of clients across Peninsular Malaysia. The history of our company began from the recruitment industry and it is from here where we expanded beyond ordinary headhunting to serving a niche market.

The establishment of Novation Resources began at the most opportune time. It was a time when Malaysia opened her doors to welcome foreign domestic helpers to come onshore as skilled labour. Riding the wave of growth, Novation Resources went from supplying one domestic helper at a time to building a lasting agency business that has served a quality clientele. The same clientele has today gone on to engage us right down to the third generation in their family. This speaks volumes about who we are as a company.

To this end, we have since established a strong relationship with a designated local agency in the Philippines to work together as an enlarged service provider. Our favourable advantage and strength derived from this venture translates to confidence in supplying domestic helpers at any time of the season and to countries like Hong Kong, Singapore aside from domestic homeground Malaysia.

In thanking our clients. we are especially proud of their referral of our service to their friends and associates. It is with this kind of confidence, exemplified from the services rendered by our domestic helpers to our pool of clientele, that truly separates Novation Resources from the industry.

As a domestic helper agency, our role is to provide a service that meets our client’s requirements. And as time passed from just needing someone to attend to matters like cleaning and washing, we now train our domestic helpers to also be well-versed with baby / child and elderly care. Out attention to the changing demands of the society is a commitment we have to our clients and our industry. It is indeed a reflection of our professional endeavour and ambition.

In accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) 2010, we recognise the importance of privacy and sensitivity of your personal data. We take every effort to keep this confidential. Our PDPA notice can be found here.