Having been in the business for three decades speaks volumes but this would not have been possible without our up to 12 months replacement policy, assurance of our domestic helper's quality and the dedicated service from our team in the office in Petaling Jaya, Selangor. We understand your requirements and that's why we can vouch for our domestic helpers when you appoint us to source for you.

Our domestic helpers are all from the Philippines.

We began our business with supplying domestic helpers from the Philippines and over the years, we have forged close ties with our counterparts there. This has culminated in a long and trusted relationship where everybody wins in the equation ie. our clients, our domestic helpers, our counterparts in the Philippines and us as the agency at Novation Resources.


With a designated local agency in the Philippines to work with us as an enlarged service provider, it has given us a favourable advantage and strength to be able to promise and confidently supply domestic helpers at any time of the season and to countries like Hong Kong and Singapore aside from Malaysia.

Our domestic helpers are generally from the age of 23 and above, female, with a minimum high school qualification and some possessing the experience as a domestic helper from their previous engagements.

All our domestic helpers would come and serve their clients after receiving the PLKS (Pas Lawatan Kerja Sementara Bagi Pembantu Rumah or the Temporary Work Pass for Domestic Helper) issued by the Immigration Department of Malaysia. Issuance of the PLKS is ascribed with the terms and conditions of the Immigration Department. This makes them legally eligible to work in Malaysia.

Just like buying any product, the question arises when problems occur. Under such circumstances, the critical issue is whether the after sales service is present and if it is adequate to address the problem.

At Novation Resources, we take pride in our up to 12 month replacement policy where we are capable of replacing the domestic helper when their performance is in question. Other than replacing the domestic helper, we also conduct counseling sessions with the domestic helpers to better understand the situation.

Aside from the above, clients should also assess if the domestic helpers are properly trained or if they are experienced. And finally, the fees charged by an agency should be fair, just and that it commensurate with the quality of the domestic helper.

As a client of Novation Resources, you may contact us immediately to lodge a report. As part of our professional service, we will conduct the necessary due diligence to ascertain the actual scenario and factors that contribute to the problem. We will then provide counselling if the situation is suitable to do so. Thereafter, we will make recommendations to the client about the next course of action that includes sending the domestic helper back to the Philippines.


Please note that our office hours is from 9:00am to 6:00pm Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 1:00pm on Saturday and closed on Sunday and Public Holidays. All reports lodged with us will be attended to as swiftly as possible and should the report be lodged during our off days or off hours, we will revert back to you on the next business day.

Domestic helper replacement shall be up to 12 months replacement period. Terms and Conditions apply.

The up to 12 months replacement policy gives you a peace of mind knowing that your domestic helper will be replaced if they are found to be unsuitable for the job. In addition, ever since we began operation, Novation Resources is likely to be the only agency that extends such a lengthy warranty period.

Yes they may, so long as the permit is renewed every year.

For a client to qualify, the main determinant is based upon the minimum household income of the RM5,000.00 per month and above. Both husband and wife must be working with at least a child under the age of 15 years.

Other accepted reason or reasons are, a big house, to look after elderly parent or sick spouse.

Interested employers who don't qualify under standard immigration criteria can clarify their eligibility by contacting us.

Under such circumstances, an employment letter and proof of income are necessary.

If there are no children in the family, then the premises of where the domestic helper is to be working at must be considered a large home.

Making preparation for the day is important as different elderly care clients have different needs eg. bedridden, with someone present or absent at home, having a medical condition like Alzheimer's, diabetes etc.